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Zender means quality

Zender group designs and manufactures textile products, plastic and fibre composite carbon components as well as medical products. We supply a large number of customers in the medical, automotive, leisure, flood protection and clothing sectors. Our team in Osnabrück consists of highly qualified, experienced employees who, on 7500m², manufacture to the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art production facilities. Quality, design and innovation are at the top of our agenda at Zender. Our modern technologies and diverse range of expertise thus not only meet the highest customer requirements, but also offer a great deal of potential for the expansion and optimisation of our product range – such as the medical and FFP2 masks that are urgently needed in the marketplace at the moment. Because we consistently invest in new process technologies and the modernisation and expansion of our production facilities, we’re consistently able to actively shape an entire industry’s development with our solutions. In doing so, we attach great importance to a trusting working relationship with our business partners and also with each other to achieve the best possible result.
For many decades, Zender has devoted itself with great passion to the design of individual car interiors. By aspiring to the highest quality and guaranteed reliability, Zender is able to fulfil car enthusiasts’ dreams. In a world where everything is increasingly the same, where uniformity prevails and room for individualists and visionaries is rare, in such a world Zender is able to convey a feeling of uniqueness.
Like a tailor-made suit that fits snugly around the wearer’s body, a Zender design creates an equally sublime and elegant feeling. It radiates the emotion with which it was created and allows the beauty of things to shine through.
Innovative and fascinating design solutions allow the drivers of our cars to express themselves in a way that suits them: exclusivity and extra class.

Corporate philosophy

The name Zender has stood for quality, design and innovation for many years. Our aim is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and, at the same time, strong customer loyalty through first-class product and development performance. We’re convinced that the respectful interaction we have with one another in our company represents a great competitive advantage for us. At the same time, it motivates our employees to think entrepreneurially and enables them to identify strongly with the goals and values of the Zender Group. We never stand still, but are instead continuously expanding our know-how and technical capabilities in order to stay “up-to-date”. Moreover, our core competencies are not set in stone and can adapt flexibly to market requirements.

Our services

In the near future, autonomous driving will transform vehicle interiors from passenger compartments to living spaces. As a result, high-quality interiors are becoming increasingly important. Below you will find an excerpt from our product portfolio::

  • Coverings for armrests
  • Interior fittings (carpets and curtains) for multivans and Euroliners
  • Textile functional tapes
  • Boot covers
  • Boot carpets
  • Pillar trims
  • Gearstick knobs with genuine leather covers
  • Bed headboards for ships
  • Tarpaulins and hoods for cargo bicycles


In addition, we manufacture exterior parts for selected high-priced vehicle models:

  • Carbon exterior mirrors
  • Carbon lamp holders
  • Carbon front grilles
  • Carbon side skirts
  • Other customer-specific bodywork elements


In the rapidly growing medical device field, we’ve been manufacturing certified respirators since spring 2020, especially for the medical sector, the pharmaceutical industry, food technology and the trades:

  • FFP2 respirator mask according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2
  • Medical protective face mask / surgical mask type Ⅱ R with elastic band




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