1969 | What is personality and how do you express it?

With a colour, a line, little details that hold a great deal of potential, namely the potential to give uniqueness, character and style. Like music, whose symphonies ring in our ears and make us perceive its beauty. Likewise design: it turns every car into something special. An ordinary production car becomes an expression of a way of life. A different way of experiencing the road. Zender transforms car design into a passion for elegance on four wheels. Since 1969, Zender has been fulfilling the dream of a car that reflects the personality of the person who is behind the wheel. In the sixties, the details that could transform cars were mostly linked to the world of sport: sports seats, spoilers and wing flares. At the end of the decade, Hans-Albert Zender transformed his great passion for motorsport into something great for all lovers of sports cars.

1974 | A success story

Already at the beginning of the seventies, Zender became an established contact point for the automotive design sector and by 1974 can count Ford Werke AG and Volkswagen AG among its customers. Thanks to new technologies in development, it became possible to produce aerodynamic body parts from PUR-RIM and ABS materials that are of the very highest quality. A significant and globally recognised output, which made the construction of the Mühlheim-Kärlich plant possible and led to stimulating partnerships with companies specialising in painting and plastics production.


Over the years, Zender grew and increasingly refined its manufacture of car accessories. Zender’s success could also be seen in its international distribution network, which already in 1977 covered more than 40 countries worldwide. A brand that stood for quality and ingenuity, expressed in prototypes, futuristic design and innovative technology.
Creativity and professionalism at the service of true car lovers. In 1980, Zender became part of the world of car dealerships and just three years later the company Zender Exklusiv-Auto was born, with dream cars from Ferrari and Maserati, for instance, in its showroom.


In 1987, Zender Industrieprodukte GmbH was founded, which was able to meet the increasing demands of major automotive manufacturers. The latter are always looking for a detail that sets them apart from others – and that’s what they found in Zender. Over the years, Zender has always focused on working with automotive manufacturers, choosing locations for its modification centres that are close to one another, with the aim of establishing low-cost and environmentally friendly logistics.

1998 | Zender Italia

Zender Italia s.r.l. was founded in 1998 as an important point of contact for Zender customers in Italy. Zender Italia deals with the project planning and development of components made from various materials and with their production and delivery to the automotive industry. Thanks to the support of its own modification centres, Zender is able to offer a wide range of services, such as an assembly line for small series of individual parts.


OSV, like Adam Opel AG, was founded in 2000. The company is located in Rüsselheim and Bochum at the same Opel plant location where special gas-powered vehicles are manufactured.
Zender was a partner and shareholder of Opel until 2006, maintaining a fruitful working relationship and managing to offer 250 employees a secure job. After that, the shares were sold to Adam Opel AG.

2005 | Zender turns dreams into reality

Zender has continued to grow over the years thanks to a consistent and forward-looking industrial policy. The factors of incentive, imagination and reliability – and a team of highly qualified experts – play a prominent role with regard to the company’s ever unmatched competitiveness.
Under the aspect of continuous improvement, on 1 October 2005 some Zender operations were merged into the new Zen Tec Automotive GmbH.


2008 | Zender Italia awarded naming rights

This year, Hans Albert Zender retired. Before going into retirement, he sold Zentec GmbH to investors and discontinued the tuning range for end consumers. The modification centres in Belgium and Spain remained the property of the Zender family. Zender Italia s.r.l was awarded the naming rights with co-founder and partner Marco Dei Vecchi. As a result, Zender Italia s.r.l has been able to establish a worldwide presence.

2012 | Foundation of Zender Germany

In 2012, Zender Italia expands its activities in the processing of interiors with high-precision machines and systems in Osnabrück (Germany) by founding Zender Germany GmbH. Zender knows how to turn a dream into reality. As a leader in automotive design, it manufactures components from carbon fibre, a lightweight material with unique properties that is used in the production of masterful details.

2015 | Expansion of carbon production

In 2015, the Zender Group took over an existing company that had already been producing carbon components for racing (DTM) for two decades.
This expanded the know-how and product portfolio to include high-quality carbon components for well-known customers in the automotive racing scene.

2020 | Setting up a new medical devices business segment

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of medical protective equipment, Zender made a strategically groundbreaking decision in 2020. Zender came to be a system-relevant company. In addition to its core business, respirators and medical consumables were now manufactured, turning Zender into a trusted supplier for healthcare facilities within one year. This new business segment is further expanded under the name Zender Medical.


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