Style and uniqueness since 1969.


For over 40 years, the Zender Group has pioneered automotive customization based on carbon fiber parts. The authentic knowledge of this material has allowed to achieve results with a deeply artisanal soul and cared for in the most important details. The goal is to make every car unique, in the name of passion and elegance for four wheels.


With a view to achieving even deeper customization, Zender extends its expertise beyond carbon, allowing for example to shape high-end interiors creating a solid and effective sense of cohesion. More generally, the group has the necessary skills in hand to use the right materials in the right place, to achieve unparalleled results.




The group.

Explore the Zender family: from the study and design of aesthetic concepts, to the actual production of highly customized components. Search is an essential part of Zender's workflow.



Whether you're a big company that wants to create something unique and inimitable, or you're a private individual looking for an extra touch of class for their car, Zender has the right solution. What are the production opportunities offered?

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When it comes to aesthetic details the most important thing is to show them. The flagship projects are listed and detailed in this section, along with some extras. This is the right place to understand the quality of the workmanship.



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