A high-end production.

The continuous improvement of Zender’s typical know-how allows to reach constantly more demanding targets, extending the panorama of the offer proposed to different types of realizations.

zender production

Automotive passion

The experience accumulated over the years gives Zender excellence in the automotive field, with the constant search for innovative technological solutions to be implemented.


Now loyal (in the past and present) to the world’s largest car manufacturers, Zender is the ideal partner within the automotive industry.


When the desire is to give a car an extremely personal touch, Zender is ready to fulfill it. Details, accessories, interiors. All cared for with the beauty of fine materials.


Zender has always been immersed in the world of motor racing, giving its best on any occasion to the cars and houses with which it collaborates.

360 degree refinement

Zender’s strength is to know how to take each project in hand with extreme awareness and use the right material in every situation.

Plastic molding

The incredible workmanship on the bodywork to make them extremely personalized requires autonomy in the molding of complementary rigid parts.

Interior fittings

Doorman, seats, steering wheel. Dashboard, gearbox, handles. There are only a few of the interior details zender treats with obsessive care.


Zender’s experience over the years allows us to shape this material in the most intelligent and innovative ways possible.

CNC Machining

The equipment in its possession allows Zender to produce numerous textile and/or rigid parts at very high speed in order to meet sustained demand.


After-sales accessories also have their importance. Coat hangers, grilles and trunk separators, passenger tablet racks and much more.

Innovative applications

The well-established knowledge of its production processes allows Zender to try its hand at unusual applications, such as drones and super-heavy vehicles.

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Zender has always been committed to respecting safety at work and environmental protection.
For this reason it can boast important certifications, which fully comply with international standards.

Environmental policy in which compliance with the rules is nothing more than the direct consequence of the attention that the company brings to the environment and the territory.


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