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Zephyrus FFP2 masks and Zephryus medical protective face masks by Zender

Wearing an FFP2 mask or other medical masks is now mandatory in public spaces. To do our part in meeting the high demand for this everyday aid, we at Zender decided to expand our production to include the manufacture of medical masks. As a manufacturer of carbon parts and interior trims, we specialise in processing industrial materials. Therefore, we are able to cut, sew and weld the necessary textiles. This benefits us in our mask production.

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Medical Mouth-Nose Protection

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Features of the Zephryus Z2101 FFP2 mask with adjustable headband and the Zephyrus Z2200 with adjustable ear loops

Our trihedral Zephyrus FFP2 mask comes with many advantages. Its robust shape prevents the mask from collapsing when you inhale, making breathing easy. Wearing the respirator over a longer period of time is therefore no problem. On the other hand, the Zephyrus FFP2 mask’s padded flexible nose wire ensures a high level of wearing comfort. This can be easily adapted to any nose shape. The Zephyrus FFP2 trihedral masks are available with adjustable headband (Zephryus Z2101) or with adjustable ear loops (Zephryus Z2200), making them suitable for almost any head circumference. The trihedral design of our Zephryus FFP2 masks achieves special ergonomics. It means they can be perfectly adapted to any face shape. Gaps between the face and mask can be successfully prevented, thus stopping unfiltered respiratory air from escaping to the outside. With their particularly high imperviousness, a particularly high level of protection is achieved.
Of course, our Zephryus FFP2 masks also meet basic health and safety requirements – taking into account EN149:2001+A1:2009 – which has been certified by DEKRA (CE0158). At the same time, both the Zephryus Z2101 with headband and the Zephryus Z2200 mask with ear loops are non-reusable medical face masks for splash protection and protection of one’s counterpart from potential exposure to infectious droplets in accordance with EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 and are Class I medical devices under Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR).

The correct use of Zephryus FFP2 masks

The correct use of Zephryus FFP2 masks contributes significantly to protecting against infection. A few points should thus be observed to ensure the best possible protection for you and those around you. Firstly, hands should be washed and disinfected before putting on a Zephryus FFP2 mask to prevent mask contamination. To prevent unfiltered respiratory air from escaping, ensure that your Zephryus FFP2 mask fits snugly against your skin all around. Also use the bendable nose wire for this purpose. If you wear glasses, you’ll find that your glasses don’t fog up as long as your Zephryus FFP2 mask fits properly. If you’re a beard wearer, make sure that your mask encloses your entire beard, if possible, to ensure effective protection.
In addition, make sure to change your Zephryus FFP2 mask regularly. Your mask should be replaced as soon as it becomes soaked. In addition, the mask should not be worn for more than eight hours in total.

Zephryus O2100+ and Zephryus Comfortline O2101+ medical protective masks made in Osnabrück

The protective face masks we manufacture are aids that are suitable for both medical and private use. By wearing our three-layer medical mask, the transmission of pathogens via breathing can be prevented. The Zephryus Comfortline O2101 impresses with extra-soft elastic bands, thus ensuring a particularly high wearing comfort, so that pressure points behind the ears are avoided even after several hours of wearing. The Zephyrus medical protective face mask is latex-free, nickel-free and free of glass fibres.
The masks belong to type IIR, bear the CE mark according to EU Regulation 2017/745 and are classified in class 1 for medical devices.
If required, you can contact us at any time and request respirator masks for your personal needs. To do so, quickly and easily fill out our enquiry form or write us a message. Our staff will process your enquiry as quickly as possible.

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