Intimate knowledge of the material from A to Z.

Zender is constantly projected into the study, innovation and complementary applications of various materials, from design to final production in an ad hoc supply chain.

carbon fiber customizations

Design, study and design.

In the complete made in Italy style, this division mainly deals with concepts up to the engineering of the various products that make up the Zender line. From here the various skills of the entire family branch out, using Project Management and Logistics functions on the production line. Moving on to the manufacturing side, here modeling and assembly activities are also carried out, resulting in a combination of creativity and technique.

zender carbon car design

Production and Logistics.

A sector dedicated to actual production. From the development of innovative solutions and objects in series, to the creation of interiors and exteriors, functional parts and accessories of the highest quality. According to the constant search for an unprecedented driving experience, Zender expands its skills also in the textile world, providing a 360-degree customization studied, homogeneous, original.

Special fittings.

Not just aesthetics. Always with a view to a complete customization of the vehicle, Zender also offers more intrinsic solutions to the vehicle, such as body kits, navigation systems, aerodynamic parts, conversions into natural gas engines and much more.

zender special equipment

Continue to explore the Zender world in its productions,or learn about the group's history from its established past.


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