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Zender – Our competences at a glance

First-rate processes are the basis for our innovative products. Zender is convinced that precise processes are fundamental to developing high-quality innovations.

For us, long-term and close cooperation with our partners is a top priority, as these interfaces generate positive synergies and bring an extraordinary level of expertise. Close cooperation with our partners enables us to identify customer requirements, develop solutions and implement projects early on. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and sets new standards.


Industries in which we operate


In order to offer consistently high-quality products in the automotive sector, we set high value on up-to-date machinery, trained specialists and efficient processes. Especially for the field of interiors and exteriors for cars, we are your contact!

Maritime transport

We have been producing high-quality upholstery for maritime transport for many years. We also see great potential in using our carbon production in this field.

Medical technology

We are one of the few German manufacturers who have expanded their production for the long term to include medical products – an expansion of our portfolio with a promising future. In this industry, we see an opportunity to set our focus on quality “Made in Germany”.

Two-wheeler industry

We have already been active in the two-wheeler industry for a number of years. Considering the boom that the industry has been experiencing since 2020, we see great potential here for our company and are working hard to expand our production in this field.

Defence technology

Defence technology unites various engineering sciences, including military development and application of technology from the civil sector. Thanks to our various competences, our portfolio of products and services covers many of these areas of engineering.

Emergency response

The products manufactured by Zender Group are used both in urgent emergency situations, such as fires, and in pandemic scenarios. They are designed to protect people and material goods from the devastating effects of such disasters.


Our special competences







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Zender GERMANY Gmbh

Wersener Landstr. 80
49076 Osnabrück, Germany

Phone: +49 541 – 201 934-0
Mail: info-os@zendergroup.com

Zender Medical Gmbh

Carl-Lüer-Straße 13
49084 Osnabrück, Germany

Phone: +49 541 – 201 934-0
Mail: medical@zendergroup.com

Zender Italia s.r.l.

Strada Traghete 74
30021 Caorle (VE), Italia

Phone: +39 421 – 212 480
Mail: info-it@zendergroup.com