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Values & History


Vision of the Zender Group

Success in medium-sized business through innovation and agility.



Mission of the Zender Group

Innovation, sustainability and agility form a synergy for the achievement of goals.

The Zender Group firmly believes that innovation, agility and sustainability together have a synergetic and therefore a mutually beneficial effect on each other. True to the motto “1 + 1 = 3”, the Zender Group relies on the innovative and agile mindset of all its employees. We want all employees to perceive change as the means to success. Moreover, all the resulting innovations share a special relationship with sustainability, as the Zender Group attaches importance to the protection of the environment and the climate.

To make our mission a reality, we are already active in this field today:
We generate our own electricity, are in the process of converting our fleet to electric vehicles, encourage our employees to use bicycles as a daily means of transport, and already produce particularly durable and sustainable products today.

To develop (sustainable) innovations, the Zender Group relies on agility and cooperation with peer partners, such as start-ups and universities of applied science.


Values of the Zender Group

We strive for an authentic, balanced and friendly working environment with few hierarchical levels. We see the future in modern management. In our operational business, we promote values such as quality, innovation, precision and function. This allows us to produce long-lasting products and to generate your trust in them.

Our guidelines

Our guidelines form the basis for successful and long-term partnerships:

From the beginning


The Zender Group is a group of companies with a distinct history.

Zender milestones

Zender Automobile


Hans-Albert Zender founds a company for the production of racing car parts. This company quickly becomes known for particularly unique vehicle tuning and grows steady.



Marco Dei Vecchi, the current CEO, founds Zender Italia S.r.L. The company establishes itself as a strategically important hub for all Italian automotive suppliers.

Alpha Romeo Interieur


The company now operates under CEO Marco Dei Vecchi, who continuously develops and expands the business.

Mitarbeiter vor Highspeed Maschine


Zender Italia S.r.L. gains a subsidiary: Zender Holding GmbH, which represents the German branch and acts as the umbrella of Zender Germany GmbH and Zender Medical GmbH. Zender Germany GmbH offers individual industrial solutions for our customers from a wide range of industries. In addition to the automotive industry, products are also manufactured in the marine industry and the two-wheeler industry.

Zender Medical GmbH is a new mainstay of Zender Holding, established during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company produces medical mouth-nose protection masks with the quality standard “Made in Germany” and distributes other medical products.

You’ll find us here.

Zender GERMANY Gmbh

Wersener Landstr. 80
49076 Osnabrück, Germany

Phone: +49 541 – 201 934-0
Mail: info-os@zendergroup.com

Zender Medical Gmbh

Carl-Lüer-Straße 13
49084 Osnabrück, Germany

Phone: +49 541 – 201 934-0
Mail: medical@zendergroup.com

Zender Italia s.r.l.

Strada Traghete 74
30021 Caorle (VE), Italia

Phone: +39 421 – 212 480
Mail: info-it@zendergroup.com